Analysis and modelling for water distribution piping systems
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Performs simulation of the water movement and checks the quality behavior for pressurized pipe networks. It tracks the flow, the pressure, the height of the water, water age, source, and the type of chemical concentration.

EPANET is a software program destined to be used by professionals who analyze, simulate and manage water distribution piping systems. It can be used to evaluate alternative strategies for improving water quality, to design and upgrade the performance of a hydraulic system, or to realize assessments about consumer exposure.

As you start the program, you are welcomed by a decent GUI, neither modern or very outdated. "Basic" would probably be the right word to describe the interface. The sections of the main screen are well grouped and it comes with a few appearance editing options. However, the default theme color looks faded and the toolbar icons seem too small.

Moving on to the program's features, it can easily be said that the capabilities are numerous and require technical knowledge to be able to fully utilize them.

One of the features is Hydraulic Modeling. This function helps engineers to realize water quality modeling and it includes properties like friction headloss, variable speed pumps, or pumping energy.

Further embedded features are Water Quality Modeling, and Water Security and Resilience Modeling - for simulating interactions between multiple chemical agents and bulk water from the distribution systems.

All things considered, I can say that EPANET is a well-developed software that integrates lots of important features for the industry, and it's free. However, it does require a powerful end-system because it uses a considerable amount of system resources.

John Saunders
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  • Allows water quality modeling
  • Calculates pumping energy
  • Has a Water Security feature


  • Has a faded default theme color
  • Requires a powerful end-system
  • Has small toolbar icons
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